Asian hat-trick perfect: after Indonesia and Korea still Japan

On the last 50 meters of my circuit have a night of surprises                                               Japan J  Nr.4                                                                                                                                    dsc09683 dsc09679 dsc09682 dsc09678  This LP is from an auction. GBG began to add to the existing number 0 or 00 Guernsey GBG  dsc09692 dsc09690 dsc09688 dsc09697  EST old                                                                                                                                                 dsc09702 dsc09703 dsc09705 dsc09695With a hint of autumn and 50s ; very rare Moskwitch 410 , UA                                      dsc09706 dsc09707 dsc09708                                     Wednesday with Bryan Adams                                                                                                       dsc09710 dsc09715 dsc09722 dsc09725


Saint Wenceslas not on horseback arrived, but in Indonesia Toyota

Sept.28 Saint Wenceslas Day                                                                                                          It looked like an ordinary day. 300 m bicycle to the main street. About Saudia Residence. By boat to the autocampJust a few campers in the last corner.                                dsc09631 dsc09633 dsc09635 dsc09639    At least nice CZ Person.          A glimpse into a side street completely changes the situation.    dsc09640 dsc09641 …                                         dsc09654                                                                                                                       INDONESIA RI  License Plates                                                                                                                                               Premiere from all Premiers     112 alltime  96 on the blog   82 this year   Jakarta                      dsc09642 dsc09651 dsc09652 dsc09650

 Before and after yet seen                                                                                                               Favorite Guernsey GBG             and also favorite  Russia RUS ,from Siberia to Munich             dsc09624 dsc09625 dsc09614 dsc09616 dsc09655 A pozdravuju kluky spottery na autosalon do Paříže. Dobré úlovky a pošlete nějaké fotky jak to v Paříži vypadá. Já je aktuálně zařadím.  

Honda Super Cub 1 from 50 000 000! One Month. Every Days. South Korea ROK  to PRG          dsc09665 dsc09666 dsc09667 dsc09671                                        Even Friday night. 200 m from the ROK Honda next Asia. Even rarer. On Monday here.

Top Gear of Indian Summer

After more than a kilometer sprint on a bicycle caught up. South Korea ROK                        dsc09577 dsc09578 dsc09582 dsc09586 Dubai UAE                                                          I Aosta Premiere                                               dsc09607 dsc09550 dsc09552 dsc09553   Next China wave.  Corporate trip VW China to Prague. It does not 1. But each other.                  dsc09587 dsc09588 dsc09589 dsc09590    Rare USA Pennsylvania and Georgia               Vyspotovaní spotteři  … ve volném čase  se       dsc09585 dsc09555 dsc09609 dsc09611   vozí v Mc Larenech                                                                                                                       The Best of Prague Carlsbad Classic                                                                                   dsc09558 dsc09569 dsc09565 dsc09572 Jaguar                           Citroen SM                     Volvo P1800                   Tatra 603                      Sunday -Derby Day   Sparta -Slavia 0:2                                                                                           dsc09601 dsc09599 dsc09597 dsc09604 Picture from Prague                                                                                      dsc09543 dsc09546 dsc09557 dsc09592

On Monday coming

How did chase a bicycle with a jeep night Prague ?  What was the rarest attended Prague Carsbad Classic?  And what turns out to be a camouflage  this license plate?  And ecommunist arrived also in Prague.                                                                                                                       dsc09577 dsc09567 dsc09556 dsc09542

Colombian year

After the July motorcycle still a car. Colombia CO car premiere                                        DSC09003 DSC09004 DSC09357 DSC09355 DSC09351 DSC09352 DSC09353 DSC09349  30th China in 2016                                             USA blog premiere Tennessee                             dsc09522 dsc09521 dsc09517 dsc09518   Only the second San Marino in PRG 2016. Offset Columbia.         Old interesting Spain           dsc09524 dsc09525 dsc09527 dsc09528    Three years is nothing. And now a few months third. Azerbaidjan AZ          CDN                       dsc09534 dsc09533  dsc09540 dsc09526   Sept.20 ,Korea ROK  again very strong. This year, even with the July car and August bus.          dsc09537 dsc09536 DSC08620 DSC09171

Heatwave can reliably kill all week

Only 3.KZ in this year!   And the first with  record.                                                                         dsc09505 dsc09507 dsc09483 dsc09504    Otherwise, a CDN and USA                                                                                                      dsc09503 dsc09508 dsc09512 dsc09502   NZ only from afar                                                                                                                            dsc09487 dsc09496 dsc09497 dsc09489

After two years we welcome in Prague Islands

Three years ago, 5 x IS. It did not seem normal. And he came to a pause. Now, again, super catch.                                                                                                                                                Ísland IS ,81th Countries 2016, 2 Stc, alltime moto Premiere, 2015,16 PRG Premiere       
DSC09424 DSC09420 DSC09435 DSC09436 Island 2013 and IS CD                                          Gruzia GE                      
DSC01693 DSC01770  DSC09432 DSC09430   DSC09416 DSC09415 DSC09446 DSC09431 US Army in D Sembach                                     Montenegro Person     Maserati Mc -12              DSC09445 DSC09443 DSC09414 DSC09438one in fifty of the world    …   and another rarity : lowest CD Austria and USA  Tempor     dsc09451 dsc09450 dsc09463 dsc09462License Plates of evening shadows                                                                                                 dsc09459 dsc09454 dsc09456 dsc09460 Slovenia SLO   Tempor Premiere                     Kosovo RKS                   and Tempor                    dsc09465 dsc09466 dsc09480 dsc09482    British Bohemian Rallye Finish PRG                                                                                            dsc09471 dsc09472 dsc09476 dsc09477

The fall was so sudden and perceptible

Night by the river     with Andorra                                                                                                   DSC09397 DSC09398 DSC09399 DSC09400Last catch of August: The departure caught  Saudia KSA PRG 2016 Premiere                       DSC09404 DSC09405 DSC09393 DSC09394On many good States in August was the best month history. Continuous series of 26 days with the catch is exceptional. Disappointment: again, no IS. The best from August:DSC09026 DSC09114 DSC09151 DSC09172

2014,15 last week of August, the number 1. As this Year?

Iran IR                                                                Georgie GE 2016 bus Premiere        DSC09312 DSC09309 DSC09310 DSC09234 Tue. Serving LP with San Marino RSM a few years ago underrated now PRG 2016 Premiere  DSC09318 DSC09322 DSC09343 DSC09324 The Italian team arrived after the Chinese after two days. Also, I very much want Donald Trump. Especially for  people in America, Russia and throughout the world.                            DSC09319 DSC09321 DSC09315 DSC09314 Hit of Wen.: Luxus Iran IR Bus PRG Premiere 2016 , 1 Vehicle-3 License Plates                         DSC09333 DSC09335 DSC09334 DSC09330 DSC09331 DSC09336 DSC09328 DSC09339 and two Consuls in 1 day  TR and I                                                                                               Marocco MA                                                       U.S. Army Export          Nice H                     DSC09360 DSC09359 DSC09377 DSC09348  USA Wahington and New York Bikers                                                                                           DSC09386 DSC09387 DSC09379 DSC09389  So Jannis,  habe auch die Aviano ausgesucht. Weiss Du, das Xavier Naidoo bei uns wohnt? Jetzt kontroliert ob haben ihm Auto nicht gekratzt. Und das ist geblieben von eher viel mehr besonderen Kennzeichen Tal Aosta, die ich einmal gesehen habe, leider im Gegenverkehr.
DSC04983 DSC09374 DSC09346 DSC09361
The answer to the question from the title. Huge catch came. But now I will not publish.
Please be patient for some time.

China’s next wave

Qatar Q 2016 PRG Premiere                                Nice old Luxembourg                   DSC09281 DSC09280 DSC09295 DSC09296 China Rallye 80 Days                                                                                                                      DSC09288 DSC09287 DSC09306 DSC09293 DSC09299 DSC09297 DSC09345 DSC09301 DSC09305 DSC09291 DSC09279 DSC09303 33. Woche brachte 51 Staaten, das sind 3 weniger als Vorwoche. Waehrend China hat d.J. schon ich rechne fast 40 Punkten MC,AND,RSM mangelware. MNE sowieso.

I greet all the long-distance motorcyclists. Are you guys!

Australia AUS ,Tue                                             AUS, Thu  Lady Premiere                                DSC09236 DSC09235 DSC09273 DSC09274 Albania AL alltime moto Premiere                  Libya LAR                     Morris 1100/1300        DSC09249 DSC09250 DSC09243 DSC09244 Isle of Guernsey GBG ,        Saab S Supercamp and Honda Super Cub , the world‚s best-selling moto 50 000 000                                                                                                     DSC09259 DSC09258 DSC09257 DSC09254 Tunisia TN Regime suspensif PRG premiere    rare U.S. Colorado                                                 DSC09260 DSC09261 DSC09268 DSC09262 France Wolves                                                      NL old                                                                    DSC09237 DSC09256 DSC09265 DSC09266


So what are the real heroes from AH6 Vladivostok-Moscow

11,000 km, day after day, week after week, every morning over the handlebarsKorea ROK ge490268 DSC09206 DSC09233 DSC09208 Isle of Man GBM                                                 Algier DZ                                                             DSC09210 DSC09209 DSC09217 DSC09216Россия RUS Black premiere and Sowiet Union  all in black                                                         DSC09223 DSC09224 DSC09230 DSC09229  Turkey TR but what???  Kosovo RKS                   Papa mobil                                          DSC09226 DSC09203 DSC09220 DSC09198 Woche 32. Am Freitag Ausgleich ein Jahr altes Tagesrekordes 43 Staaten am Tag.
Sonst fehlte nichts. Das brachte rekordverdaechtigte Wert 54 Countries. Das sind 3 mehr als Vorwoche und es wird kaum zu verbessern.



Girls on Tour: Korea Bus

South Korea ROK Best Bus alltime                                                                                                   DSC09172 DSC09170 DSC09171 DSC09168 Malta M rare catch- ugly EU license plate       Algier DZ CD                 China for today      DSC09179 DSC09180 DSC09160 DSC09161 Thursday quieter with IR,LAR and KZ without Foto. It is only 10C                                                  DSC09196 DSC09197 DSC09188 DSC09191 DSC09181 DSC09183 DSC09189 DSC09178

I-Day : India and Iran License Plates

08.09.: India IND 2016 Premiere, 80th Countries 2016, car Tata                                                 DSC09159 DSC09151 DSC09152 DSC09154long wait for Iran, but then double pack Iran IR 2016 Premiere, 79th Countries in 2016         DSC09139 DSC09141 DSC09140 DSC09143and the third  Asian great power in the PRG evening  China                         DSC09149 DSC09150 DSC09135 DSC09136


Good weekend culminated good (very) Week- 51 Countries

South Africa ZA  2016 Premiere, NorthWest Province Premiere   China                                    DSC09113 DSC09103 DSC09101 DSC09102  South Africa is 78 th States of 2016. Last year 78 for the whole year.                                       Maroc MA                                                      AND, finally! 3 Month is nothing,  AL 1 Month         DSC09091 DSC09092 DSC09093 DSC09107 Rare   CD  FIN                             GB                                                                                                DSC09112 DSC09089  DSC09087 DSC09088
Too bad ! In Japan have Bikes  no license plate . Good Luck!  I like J.                                           Die 31.Woche in Top Form. Kein Tag ohne Beute. Es fehlte nur an MNE. Sonst (fast) alles dabei. Das brachte 51 Laender, 6 mehr als Vorwoche und 1 mehr als 2016 Rekord Woche mit Genf.                                                                                                                                            
and continue in the new week                                                                                                       Morocco MA  Premiere Foreign and Zuid Africa once in daylight                                                DSC09131 DSC09132 DSC09128 DSC09114    LP 1963 is still in operation                                                                                                            DSC09117 DSC09130 DSC09133 DSC09148


Départment d´outre mer de Guyane francaise

With the wave of 2.5 million people in Pope Krakow  landed in Prague also                           French Guyana GUF   111th alltime, 95th on the blog, 77th 2016                                             800px-Flag_of_French_Guiana.svg DSC09057 DSC09056 DSC09059 Libya                                Ireland                           Lá la lálalalá lálalaláá  Hey Jude                       DSC09052 DSC09050 DSC09048 DSC09049 RUS                                  FIN                                   Praga Magica                                                   DSC09047 DSC09055 DSC09051 DSC09036 Holiday in PRG…                                                     vous voir bientôt                                               DSC09030 DSC09031 DSC09053 DSC09054  Faroe Islands likes PRG  (2016 4 a. 5)                 just as China                                         DSC09080 DSC09070 DSC09071 DSC09078 Libya LAR                                                            and totally unfulfilled expectations                  DSC09063 DSC09065 DSC09074 DSC09072 

Ladies and gentleman, Colombia

PRG, Juni 30, 2016                                                                                                                               DSC08995 DSC08987 DSC08988 DSC09017110th alltime   94th on the blog,  75th 2016                                                                                       COLOMBIA CO                                                                                                                              DSC09003 DSC09004 DSC09005 DSC09002 Noting is cheaper. Gasoline in Russia dirt-cheap and European hotels are expensive. China in PRG Camps                                                                                                               DSC09008 DSC09011 DSC09012 DSC09013 Die 30. Woche hat sich nicht gut entwickelt. Dann kam aber Sammstag mit Colombia Hammer. Ingesamt waren 45 Laender zu sehen, das sind 4 weniger als in Vorwoche.                                   New Week also good started                                                                                       Kuwait KWT  76th 2016           in PRG yet only rallye  Kuwait- Morocco                               DSC09026 DSC09025 DSC00996 DSC01001 USA Ohio                        Maroc MA                       USA Illinois                    France                        DSC09028 DSC09020 DSC09027 DSC08983 DSC09045 DSC09044 DSC09029 DSC09032

China Camps in PRG

Along with tourists from NL, D, DK, S  and so spend their holidays  Campers from China

DSC08946 DSC08947 DSC08949 DSC08948 Die 29.Woche ,danks fantastischen Start mit AZ,GBZ,ROK usw. brachte zum Schluss 49 Laender. Das sind 3 mehr als vorwoche. Zum noch besseren Ergebniss fehlte an AL,RKS und traditionel RSM u. AND.                                                                                                                                News: 2 years old mystery from Paris clarified Jannis. It’s definitely Lebanon. Thanks a lot!  Lebanon RL in this Time my second                                                            RL first 2014 August           DSC03964 DSC04818                                        DSC03397  China Woodstock                                                                                                                                DSC08950 DSC08951 DSC08952  DSC08969 DSC08953 DSC08955 DSC08945 DSC08957 BYL1KRAL- once upon a time there was a king…                                                                                      USA  rare Arizona Veteran                                     Greece Goverment Premiere                 DSC08980 DSC08981 DSC08977 DSC08978  



Tuesday also good (with License plate of Korea)

South Korea ROK 2016 moto premiere           B rare blue                                             DSC08911 DSC08912 DSC08918 DSC08887  Mongol Rally here again                                                                                                                DSC08915 DSC08917 DSC08920 DSC08760As can be seen, Monday, remained an exceptional day. There are pictures on Wednesday. DSC08922                   DSC08923                      DSC08925 Thursday Pictures                                                                                                                            Tunis TN Pass Back Blue Premiere ,TN PRG 2016 Premiere                                                          DSC08935 DSC08933 DSC08937 DSC08938  Romania RO CD         Russia Vladivostok                                                                                     DSC08940 DSC08931 DSC08926 DSC08928                                                                                                                                 

The superb start to the new week with AZ,GBG,DZ etc.

Monday-39 Countries-it seems that the season started                                                                  AZ Azerbajdian (2016 II.)                                   GBZ Gibraltar 2016 Premiere                            DSC08888 DSC08890 DSC08906 DSC08896 MA Maroc                     Algeria DZ ,3 Stc., 2016 Premiere                                                              DSC08891 DSC08910 DSC08909 DSC08907 Luxembourg L old good black PRG Premiere                                                                               DSC08905 DSC08897 DSC08901 DSC08903The other side of travel  DK MZ                                                                                                         DSC08893 DSC08892 DSC08894 DSC08895

Weekend: a lot of vehicles, few real rarities

Faroe Island                       Maroc MA                                         Mega rare US State Connecticut DSC08874 DSC08886 DSC08885 DSC08883 USA Ohio                      S CD                                                                                                          DSC08871 DSC08868 DSC08884 DSC08872 DSC08867 DSC08869 DSC08870 DSC08881 In 28. Woche waren zu sehen 46 Laender. Das sind 2 weniger als Vorwoche. Schon dritte Monat es entwickelt sich seitwerts und pendelt zwischen 44-48. Diese Woche ohne MNE,IRL und traditionel ohne RSM,AND und auch KZ waren immer schon mehr. Sonst ist viel los ,vorallem DK und S machen Dampf.

As I waited. Bikers scored.

Australia AUS Queensland Nr.II                                                                      USA                    DSC08811 DSC08814 DSC08816 DSC08810   RUS on the Dyatlov Pass           USA                  Albania AL                    Kosovo RKS                  DSC08817 DSC08821 DSC08830 DSC08827 always one crazy I        NL                                  ewerywhere AL                                       DSC08829 DSC08823 DSC08834 DSC08831 Retro Prague Historic Rally 2016                                                                                                 with Porsche Spyder 1955, Maserati 1959 or Aston Martin DB 4/2 1958                                     DSC08855 DSC08857 DSC08860 DSC08839 DSC08843 DSC08859 DSC08842 DSC08836 DSC08863 DSC08845 DSC08856 DSC08852

Holiday mosaic

Guernsey GBG very special PRG moto premiere                                   USA   Minnesota               DSC08798 DSC08796 DSC08799  DSC08795 CDN Manitoba Premiere          USA                  DK                               CD                    B                 DSC08805 DSC08790 DSC08793 DSC08809  DSC08794 DSC08803 DSC08800 DSC08801  Die 27 Woche brachte 48 Laender, ein mehr als Vorvoche. Zum noch besseren Ergebniss fehlte an RKS,AL,RSM,AND usw. Ich habe auch nachgeschaut auf Woche 27 2015 und vor einem Jahr waren es 43 Staaten.

China, everywhere you look

DSC08765 DSC08766 DSC08768 DSC08774 DSC08778 DSC08772 DSC08773 DSC08775 DSC08776 DSC08777 DSC08787 DSC08784   NL Army in D                                                          Faroe Is. FO Red       Romania RO   ConsulDSC08780 DSC08782 DSC08783 DSC08781 Poland PL old               Hungary H Yellow Taxi                                                                              DSC08786 DSC08789 DSC08762 DSC08763  

Islands Weekend

Faroe Islands FO 2016 Premiere                                                                Moldova MD                DSC08757 DSC08732 DSC08734  DSC08756 Isle of Jersey GBJ ,this Week 3x                                                                 Belarus BY                      DSC08743 DSC08752 DSC08751  DSC08749 Very,very nice old Norway N  with VW Bus                                                                                   DSC08738 DSC08735 DSC08736 DSC08758  GR Tax reduce             S                                      CZ Citizen                                                  DSC08755 DSC08754 DSC08750 DSC08759 In 26. Woche waren zu sehen 47 (+3 Vorw.) Laender. Es fehlen immer RSM,AND. Sonst ganze Norden hat sich bewegt. Nach D u. PL sind die DK u. S meist anwesewende Autotouristen. Auch N sind an einem Tag so viel gesehen wie im ganzen Winterhalbesjahr.


Strong Juni21 in North America Week

Beautiful VW BUS from CDN Quebec with very special License Plates                                DSC08649 DSC08647 DSC08648 DSC08650 USA Florida in 100m   MNE  and and…      Total 40 Countries in 1Day    2016 Record               DSC08652 DSC08654 DSC08663 DSC08666 Meanwhile German Luxury Rider        and   Football   (Czech out)                                              DSC08655 DSC08661 DSC08657 DSC08664________________________________________________________________________________________________________

22 : Unfortunately Bicycles in Japan do not have license plates                                                   DSC08669 DSC08673 DSC08692 DSC08675  ________________________________________________________________________________________________________CDN                                                                     GE CD CZ/ GE Temp                                              DSC08693 DSC08694 DSC08676 DSC08691 USA  Montana  …                                                                                                                             DSC08685 DSC08684 DSC08682 DSC08687 DSC08683 DSC08679 DSC08688 DSC08696  25.Woche brachte 44 Laender. Das bedeutet -4 zur Vorwoche. Es kommen fast keine AND,RSM usw.

A great Weekend (with license Plates from South Korea,Australia etc.)

Korea ROK  2016 Premiere as 71th Countries in this Year                    CH CC                              DSC08625 DSC08621 DSC08622 DSC08605 Australia AUS 2016 Premiere                                                                 D  Third empire            DSC08601 DSC08599 DSC08600 DSC08634 Canada and 4 New USA                                                                                                                 DSC08603 DSC08594 DSC08598 DSC08612 and interesting Cars                                                                                                                         DSC08614 DSC08616 DSC08618 DSC08596 Live in PRG                                                                                                …and going home        DSC08611 DSC08632 DSC08628 DSC08640Sehr gute Woche 24 . Auch Kazachstan,Kosovo usw. dabei. Zur Vorwoche stieg Gesamtzahl um 1 Punkt  auf 48.   

First China License Plates in 2016

June 11 : This time she came first  China soon for all years . Good sign.                                      DSC08547 DSC08545  DSC08544 DSC08538 Diamond Race 2016  from PRG to Budapest                                                                                    DSC08554 DSC08553 DSC08543 DSC08551 23. Woche Bilanz. Es fehlte zwar an MC o. IRL aber  dagegen dabei RC,MA,GBG u. M.          Das bedeutet Anstieg gegen Vorvoche um 5 Punkte auf 47.                                                        DSC08565 DSC08566 DSC08569 DSC08570 Gruzia GE CD  Nr.II       First 2013                       Paul Mc Cartney Bagage                              DSC08592 DSC02089 DSC08593 DSC08573

So it starts in earnest?

Monday 6 during half hour : Maroc and Isle of Guernsey ( GBG 2016 Premiere)       DSC08498 DSC08497 DSC08501 DSC08499RUS Altai on the border with KZ,RC and MNG, H green -Hybrid and Smile 1                              DSC08503 DSC08502 DSC08504 DSC08515 DSC08508 DSC08513 DSC08516 DSC08510 We. 8th: Malta 2016 Premiere  and  Liechtenstein Yellow all time premiere  (short temp)     DSC08527 DSC08524 DSC08520 DSC08522 Greece  moto to 2006 Premiere                         GB North Ireland                                                DSC08533 DSC08532 DSC08536 DSC08534

…and here in June. Yet very reserved

DSC08443 DSC08444 DSC08445 DSC08447 DSC08449 DSC08450 DSC08451 DSC08452Lithuania LT Military Premiere                         Neckar 1100                                                           DSC08472 DSC08473 DSC08460 DSC08457

DSC08463 DSC08467 DSC08469 DSC08458 Danemark DK Military Premiere                                                                                                      DSC08487 DSC08488 DSC08484 DSC08478 DSC08491 DSC08492 DSC08494 DSC08496 Woche 22 -zweite nacheinander mit sinkenden Werten. Auch wenig Motorraeder, einzige positive N u. FIN schon fast jede Tag. Voriges Jahres Flaute ist mittlerweile wieder da. Ingesamt waren in PRG  42 Laender sehen. Inkl. schon frueher gesehene GE,UAE usw.


Biker raid: License Plates Brazilia and Alands

Brazilia BR  Nr. 2  moto premiere                                                                DSC08385 DSC08384 DSC08386  DSC08383 Aland Islands Nr. 2 moto premiere                                                                                                DSC08389 DSC08390 DSC08399  DSC08388 Morocco Provis Premiere                                  Moldova ,New LP, Diplomatic premiere          DSC08411 DSC08410 DSC08407 DSC08408 Turkey Consular          and much more…                                                                                      DSC08387 DSC08391 DSC08405 DSC08404 Nach vorjaehrige absolute Mai Schwaeche diesmal ganz stark. Es bleibt nicht als wuenschen : Weiter so!    Woche 20- 47 Countries.

Also es blieb nur bei Wuenschen. Start in die neue Woche maessig, dann D/PL Feiertagswelle die alles andere vernichtet. PRG hat 130 000 Gaeste Betten. Das belegen ist fuer die beide Laender eine Kleinigkeit. Also Woche 21 kam auf 44 Laender. Alles besseres schon gesehen. Von frischen AL,TR u. FIN das Beste.                                                                                               DSC08415 DSC08416 DSC08428 DSC08432 DSC08426 DSC08427 German singer Xavier Naidoo said that Germany is occupied, undemocratic countries. Now there are about experiencing hell. So it is increasingly common in Prague.
My fear is that „good“ of  US and EU had not run away.

License Plates Japan- only the third

2013 PRG                          2014 GE                             May 2016 PRG                         DSC00412 DSC02679 DSC08337 DSC08340 DSC08338 DSC08339 DSC08342 DSC08345   Explanation from  Mr. Tomio Okamura Member  of Czech Parliament. Above a city that knows. Before the dots is „SE“.     And one nice Japanese tourist told, the city-Obihiro               DSC08352 DSC08344 DSC08351 DSC08348 E  Antique, short FL, provisory A and CH PRG mood                                                                   DSC08360 DSC08355 DSC08362 DSC08364 DSC08369 DSC08367 DSC08347 DSC08363 19. Woche brachte viele Laender, aber fast alles schon gesehen wie z.B. LAR,UAE o. GE. Neu ausser J waren RKS (2) ,AL, IRL,FIN usw. Gesamt kamen zusammen 46 Staaten.                      UA CD                                                                                                                                                DSC08380 DSC08379 DSC08374 DSC08381

Noční vlci, Hочные волки, Night Wolves in Prague

DSC08311 DSC08313 DSC08315 DSC08321 DSC08319 DSC08324 DSC08325 DSC08327Strong Weekend MA ,2016 Premiere                   E Tourist Temp            PL Dubai PoliceDSC08329 DSC08330 DSC08299 DSC08343 US School Bus                                                     Tuk-Tuk                                                        DSC08333 DSC08300 DSC08302 DSC08301Helvetica VS and  raphael– and it would be correct Reunion!                                             Woche 17 brachte ingesamt 45 Laender. Aber vor allem viele interessante Ereignisse nebenbei.

Great start to the Gumball week : GBM,LAR,GE etc.

Monday ,May 2: 35 Countries                                                                                                            DSC08220 DSC08219 DSC08216 DSC08217 DSC08221 DSC08215 DSC08214 DSC08222Not just finger on the map , czech : ne jen prstem po mapě

Gumball 3000 2016 PRG 4.May                                                                                                     DSC08228 DSC08233 DSC08235 DSC08236UAE Dubai                    First Arizona USA alltime                                  Finland FIN                       DSC08256 DSC08281 DSC08289 DSC08237  DSC08241 DSC08252 DSC08243 DSC08263 IMG_2770 DSC08283 DSC08225 DSC08295 Bulgaria BG Person  I seen, but Picture is  from my Coleague carspotter Unixyy. Thanks.

Far below the equator, far beyond Madagascar : Reunion

Nr.93 : Reunion REU                                                                                                                         reunionmapa1 DSC08139 DSC08140 DSC08138 Cars from PRG: Rallye 7 Castles with very rare Siata Gran Sport 1953 and more                   DSC08174 DSC08175 DSC08179 DSC08188 DSC08190 DSC08193 DSC08183 DSC08189Libya                             USA                               Macedonia-?                 S                                    DSC08204 DSC08197 DSC08209 DSC08200 DSC08196 DSC08211 DSC08212 DSC08210India  Motorcycle Import .                                                                There is a nice everywhere! Woche 17 setzte aufwaerts Trend fort. Es kamen auch schon viele Motoraeder. Am Sammstag war zu sehen 39 Laender. Das ist  schon ein Top Season Wert. Ingesamt dann 42.

Prague awoke

Now my own eyes: Liban RL -first car ,before only motos (2014)                                           DSC09239 DSC09238 DSC03397  DSC08155  Armenia                       Gruzia                           Emirates                                                               DSC08156 DSC08148 DSC08150 DSC08146and other attraction                                                                                                                       DSC08145 DSC08152 DSC08153 DSC08151  last picture CS Velorex from 60ties, motor Jawa 350                                                                    Die 16. Woche begann am Montag mit AZ, ging es weiter im GE mit Guadeloupe, Q,GBJ und dann wieder im PRG mit RL,AM,GE usw. Gesamtzahl kam dann auf stolze 50.                          Portugale Rotel P                                                This year I will again rely on motorbike           DSC08162 DSC08161 DSC08167 DSC08160    

Genéve with Guadeloupe License Plate

DSC08100 DSC08105 DSC08104 DSC08068 Guadeloupe GP , 92th Countries on the blog                                                                               S9887d6e7feb12dad56890c087b569325 600px-Flag_of_Guadeloupe DSC08089 DSC08087 DSC08084 DSC08086 DSC08085 DSC08098 Saudia KSA black!         Katar Q                         Dubai UAE                     Isle of Jersey GBJ       DSC08063 DSC08062 DSC08076 DSC08081 Cars from GE: Ferrari 412,Bitter SX, Lambo Gallardo and Fisker Karma                                      DSC08101 DSC08073 DSC08092 DSC08110 USA                               Yemen YE only Oval                               …And going home…                 DSC08075 DSC08079 DSC08122 DSC08070

First good week of the new year in Prague

PRG Premiere Azerbaidjan AZ                          Libya                             Canada                             DSC08054 DSC08057 DSC08055 DSC08036 AZ Day after once more                                                    and a few more pictures from PRG     DSC08046 DSC08050 DSC08053 DSC07947 Uebers Woche war noch ruhig aber zum Wocheende ging es aufwaerts.  Am Sammstag 35 Laender am einem Tag. Es fehlte nur an AL, IRL, MC,FIN, USA. Dagegen dabei auch RKS, MNE, usw.  Gesamtzahl pro Woche kam dann auf 40.

Car season started-license plates no

Coppa d’Europa 2016 Finish PRG                                                                                                     DSC07999 DSC08007 DSC08014 DSC08009 DSC08015 DSC08016 DSC08017 DSC08005 DSC08030 DSC08020 DSC08026 DSC08033 Queen of Rallye: Lancia Aurelia (1951-58) 3111 Stc.                                                                   14. Woche brachte viel Autos,aber wenig Kennzeichen. Es waren 36 Staaten dabei. Es ist typische April Flaute. Die aber voriges Jahres dauerte bis Jahresende.

So what April ? Arrives Malaysia, like three years ago?

DSC00668  DSC07889 DSC07887 DSC07890 DSC07892 DSC07894 DSC07895 DSC07896 Problem on the Way . Adjusting Clutch: 150000 CZK (about 6000 E).  Lambo Murcielago.       DSC07900 DSC07908 DSC07931 DSC07907 Fairy Tale Spark and advertising of Skoda Made in China-lived Prague filming                        DSC07906 DSC07904 DSC07929 DSC07910 DSC07915 DSC07922 DSC07921 DSC07919 13. Woche brachte 39 Laender zusammen. Zum besseren Ergebniss fehlte an  MNE,IRL oder FIN.                                                                                                                                                     Captive Jaguars- exhibitions openning                                                                                           DSC07956 DSC07957 DSC07955 DSC07958 Rallye Praha Revival 2016                                                                                                             DSC07980 DSC07987 DSC07988 DSC07973 Nr.6 Skoda RMC Legend Johny Haugland (N).                                                                              DSC07965 DSC07972 DSC07967 DSC07977 Supersport is Czech Made Praga


Easter with Chinese dragon and Lebanon

Leban RL ,not from me,but my colleague-Prague Car Spotter  .     Visit from China:                 index  main_900 DSC07864 DSC07867   Unfortunately, this special Chinese president did not bring to Prague.                                     DSC07871 DSC07876 DSC07879 DSC07875  Spain Dealer, Belgium Army and nice Sweden and                                                                  DSC07857 DSC07856 DSC07830 DSC07861 Easter Cars                                                                                                                                       DSC07873 DSC07874 DSC07863 DSC07884 Last Week : 41 Countries.

Plates Spotting in Italy

SMOM                           Vatican                           Saudia                          Isle of Man        DSC07776 DSC07760 DSC07725 DSC07730Nazionale                                                                                                                                         DSC07745 DSC07769 DSC07814 DSC07747 DSC07823 DSC07743 DSC07797 DSC07817   San Marino                                                          Turkey                          Kosovo                           DSC07802 DSC07799 DSC07752 DSC07824_________________________________                                                      __________________________________  11.Woche mit 45. Staaten . 40 davon von Italien und Prag hat 5 dazugebracht. Ostern Aufstieg ist schon spuerbar.


29.2-1.3. : Border Crossing Salzburg Walsersberg A-D on the Balkan Route and Vienna             DSC07669 DSC07670 DSC07671 DSC07672 DSC07673 DSC07676 DSC07678 DSC07677 PRG 3.3. :    N CD          USA     Washington                                              and My 1 Love             DSC07683 DSC07685 DSC07686 DSC07684Vor allem danks A kamen 42 Laender zusammen. Sonst Prag ist leer wie seit einen Jahr nicht mehr. Z.B. LV fehlt schon dritte Woche.                                                                                        DSC07708 DSC07709 DSC07715 DSC07724 H ein grosser Gewinner der Woche. Mehr als D,PL Zusammen 35 Laender.

Back on weekdays

February 2016 Prague                                                                                                                      DSC07558 DSC07559 DSC07560  DSC07551   DSC07542 DSC07548 DSC07555  DSC07561 Die 5.Woche immer noch 37 Staaten. Ist schon Boden gefunden? Ich denke nicht.                DSC07585 DSC07595 DSC07577 DSC07578 In 6. Woche waren im Prag 36 verschiedene Staaten zu sehen. Ich denke wegen Fluechtlings Krise es wird ein schweres LP Jahr.                                                                                                Summit V4 (CZ,SK,PL,H) Prague February 15                                                                                 DSC07332 DSC07600 DSC07602 DSC07603 7.Woche: 38 Laender. Am meistens auf einen Tag So. 30 mit USA,EST u. N. Die einzige in Woche. Rekordtageswert von spaet Juli 2015 in Prag: 43.                                                            DSC07639  DSC07641 DSC07598 DSC07627

8.Woche 34 Staaten. Schwaechste seit einen Jahr.                                                                     DSC07664 DSC07646 DSC07647 DSC07648

Cars from Monaco

Ferrari F40                                                                                                                                          DSC07512 DSC07517 DSC07518 DSC07521  Ferrari Enzo                  AC 1958                         Ferrari 599                    Mini Moke                  DSC07516 DSC07471 DSC07457 DSC07417 From GP Monaco Circuit   On foot from Start, St.Devote ,Casino, Mirabeau to La Rascase         DSC07439 DSC07442 DSC07443 DSC07444 DSC07446 DSC07447 DSC07394 DSC07398 DSC07405 DSC07406 DSC07470 DSC07495 Fiats Cinque e sei cento                                                                          VW T2c                             DSC07498 DSC07507 DSC07499 DSC07501Vue á Monaco                                                                                                                                 DSC07480 DSC07469 DSC07463 DSC07522