It’s a miracle: License plates of Democratic Republic of the Congo once Zaire


République démocratique du Congo CGO 

All time Premiere as 116th total, 103th on the blog and 86th 2017


Photo 1- from net. On the street. I’m coming 24 hours later. Nowhere. Last option-garage. Thanks to the nice receptionist and the manager, I get down. My hand shakes me. Mission done!  Thank you all.

Other events of this good week   Canada CDN Army, USA Utah, FL                                      

after a long time again China, without a photo, like the USA, BIH CD appears so 1-2x a year      

The Žížalka-Pretty dimished of the Girl’s Name and other pictures at the beginning of November                                                                                                                                           

Unvergessliche Woche mit 46 Staaten. +2 Vorwoche,+1 Topaugustwoche. Am Do. 37!