Honor and glory to the heroes of the Transiberian route

One day you sit in Vladivostok on a motorbike and you go, you go. After more than twenty days you will find yourself in the center of Prague …                                                               South Korea ROK   first Moto 2017                                                                                               China Rallye go on                                                                                                                             Kosovo RKS                  FIN Person                    A rare transfer              TR after 2 Weeks                Tour de L Éurope 2017 PRG Start                                                                                                         and more Picture                             CZcamouflage                                   GR old                                                         

Sonst Saison ist schon spüren. Gestern 40 Länder. Woche bisher 46 -das ist schon Ausgleich mit komplete Vorwoche .                                                                                                                                                                                                       

After two years we welcome in Prague Islands

Three years ago, 5 x IS. It did not seem normal. And he came to a pause. Now, again, super catch.                                                                                                                                                Ísland IS ,81th Countries 2016, 2 Stc, alltime moto Premiere, 2015,16 PRG Premiere       
DSC09424 DSC09420 DSC09435 DSC09436 Island 2013 and IS CD                                          Gruzia GE                      
DSC01693 DSC01770  DSC09432 DSC09430   DSC09416 DSC09415 DSC09446 DSC09431 US Army in D Sembach                                     Montenegro Person     Maserati Mc -12              DSC09445 DSC09443 DSC09414 DSC09438one in fifty of the world    …   and another rarity : lowest CD Austria and USA  Tempor     dsc09451 dsc09450 dsc09463 dsc09462License Plates of evening shadows                                                                                                 dsc09459 dsc09454 dsc09456 dsc09460 Slovenia SLO   Tempor Premiere                     Kosovo RKS                   and Tempor                    dsc09465 dsc09466 dsc09480 dsc09482    British Bohemian Rallye Finish PRG                                                                                            dsc09471 dsc09472 dsc09476 dsc09477

License Plates Japan- only the third

2013 PRG                          2014 GE                             May 2016 PRG                         DSC00412 DSC02679 DSC08337 DSC08340 DSC08338 DSC08339 DSC08342 DSC08345   Explanation from  Mr. Tomio Okamura Member  of Czech Parliament. Above a city that knows. Before the dots is „SE“.     And one nice Japanese tourist told, the city-Obihiro               DSC08352 DSC08344 DSC08351 DSC08348 E  Antique, short FL, provisory A and CH PRG mood                                                                   DSC08360 DSC08355 DSC08362 DSC08364 DSC08369 DSC08367 DSC08347 DSC08363 19. Woche brachte viele Laender, aber fast alles schon gesehen wie z.B. LAR,UAE o. GE. Neu ausser J waren RKS (2) ,AL, IRL,FIN usw. Gesamt kamen zusammen 46 Staaten.                      UA CD                                                                                                                                                DSC08380 DSC08379 DSC08374 DSC08381


29.2-1.3. : Border Crossing Salzburg Walsersberg A-D on the Balkan Route and Vienna             DSC07669 DSC07670 DSC07671 DSC07672 DSC07673 DSC07676 DSC07678 DSC07677 PRG 3.3. :    N CD          USA     Washington                                              and My 1 Love             DSC07683 DSC07685 DSC07686 DSC07684Vor allem danks A kamen 42 Laender zusammen. Sonst Prag ist leer wie seit einen Jahr nicht mehr. Z.B. LV fehlt schon dritte Woche.                                                                                        DSC07708 DSC07709 DSC07715 DSC07724 H ein grosser Gewinner der Woche. Mehr als D,PL Zusammen 35 Laender.

Bells on the cathedral resounded: India

25.08.: India IND , Blog Time 88th Countries                                                                                   DSC06133 DSC06129 DSC06128 DSC06127 DSC06126  DSC06138 DSC06143  DSC06142 DSC06140 DSC06141  DSC06144 DSC06145 Cars from Prague                                                                                                                            DSC06155 DSC06151 DSC06153 DSC06097 Lamborghini Murcielágo                                                                             DSC06175 DSC06179 DSC06180 DSC06182 USA Utah                       Council of Europe        NSU Ro 80                      Alvis             DSC06161 DSC06158 DSC06163 DSC06165Week 35 was seen 47 Countries. GE,RKS,IRL ,4AL but main IND.                                                 DSC06197 DSC06199 DSC06206 DSC06194



Prague April : A promising start to the season

San Marino RSM temporary                               Cyprus CY                                                           DSC04847 DSC04846 DSC04853 DSC04851    Libya LAR              Emirates UAE Ambassador for CZ  in A+ UAE export     Libya LAR    DSC04849 DSC04860 DSC04940 DSC04941 and Cars from Prague                                                                                   DSC04910 DSC04919 DSC04920 DSC04881 DSC04888 DSC04886 DSC04875 DSC04864Czech Veteran Plate in GB look                           Morocco MA -CD Premiere                                DSC04932 DSC04930  DSC04956 DSC04954 Poland   PL 1965-76     Slovenija SLO non CD                                                                         DSC04970 DSC04979  DSC04975 DSC04981

Paris Plates Spotting II.

DSC04074 DSC04076 DSC04077 DSC04147 Emirates UAE (also the first row)         Saudi Arabia KSA                       Libya LAR  DSC04134 DSC04104 DSC04133 DSC04148Overall       7 KSA                                                     1 Q                                3 UAE                           DSC04143 DSC04140 DSC04111 DSC04103  a lot of temporary    A, P, MC                                                                                                       DSC04071 DSC04128 DSC04130 DSC04124 Paris Images with MA, USA, L, D, GB, L, AND, I/MC, B                                                                  DSC04092 DSC04072 DSC04115 DSC04086 DSC04101 DSC04075 DSC04142 DSC04118 DSC04087 DSC04094 DSC04120 DSC04097 Nash and very special Czech Republik a la France:  7U9 1830                                         DSC04139 DSC04138 DSC04073

Colour Week

22/7:  Algier DZ (CD Premiere)                                                                                                         DSC03303 DSC03302 DSC03316 DSC03305 25/7:  Australia AUS –Third Visit 2014             Spain E  : New Dealer                                   DSC03317 DSC03314 DSC03307 DSC03310                               Cada uno de América Latina es una celebración                                                        Argentina RA :  2013,2014 Premiere   (71th States 2014,2013-71)                                             DSC03330 DSC03327 DSC03328 DSC03439 USA Evening                                                                                                                      DSC03320 DSC03323 DSC03321 DSC03326 Tunis TN (3th-2014)      Andora AND                Danmark DK – Provisor     DSC03344 DSC03345 DSC03333 DSC03336 27/7: Iran IR (2014-3th)                                    Kazakstan KZ  (2014-2th)                                    DSC03346 DSC03348 DSC03349 DSC03355                                     Kosovo RKS or EU?                                                                                           DSC03351 DSC03352 DSC03353 DSC03350

Season-started now,everything is possible

Australian Open
DSC03036 DSC03021 DSC03032  DSC03028 DSC03031 DSC03035 DSC03033 DSC03025   Poezie dálek:     AUS- New South Wales ,RC- Shang-Hai                                                              DSC03048 DSC03049 DSC03063 DSC03061 DSC03057 DSC03055 DSC03064 DSC03066 Libya LAR (once LT) on the move                                                                                                 DSC03089 DSC03090 DSC03091 DSC03084   DSC03070 DSC03069 DSC03072 DSC03068 DSC03078 DSC03080 DSC03082 DSC03081   Tento Matchless si koupil tenhle Sportsmann v roce 1960 a ještě včera ho dovezl spolehlivě do Prahy.                                                                                                                                             Russia  25 : Primorskoj kraj –Wladivostok       Tatraplan 1949                                          DSC03102 DSC03114 DSC03099 DSC03098 Despite the War: Libya II                                                                                                               DSC03105 DSC03104 DSC03110 DSC03103 RUS 86- Kraj Chanty -Mansijsk na soutoku Ob a Irtyš                                                                     DSC03115 DSC03117 DSC03116 DSC03119 DSC03122 DSC03123 DSC03126 DSC03125

China 2 and FO 2: Car Edition

DSC01520 DSC01519 DSC01525 DSC01522 DSC01561 DSC01560 DSC01563 DSC01500Návrat Katarského prince ( Q ) , Colorado,USA  and for example TN                                       DSC01492 DSC01494 DSC01449 DSC02393 DSC01538 DSC01546 DSC01558 DSC01960 DSC01516 DSC01515 DSC01527 DSC01533   DSC01547 DSC01550 DSC01551 DSC01548 Tropical Storm in Heart of Europe                                                                  DSC01571 DSC01566 DSC01573 DSC01578