Phenomenon London

 The Low Emission Zone. The fee for entry to the center. Rush Hours fee.
What you may be seeing?
I will try to find out on the spot.                                                                                               SOON!
foto:                                                                                                                       ___    ____   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___   ___    ___

Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Andrej Babiš  -best Catch of Week.
The best Countrie  of the week Armenia I missed.  Although 41 states, but all better already seen before.                                                                                                                                                                              and now Lets go to London                 

Waiting for better times

Emirates Dubai UAE                                          Estonia Temporary     Luxembourg mini             In PRG all GE with CD                  also IRL,MNE,P this Week hier                                                       Week review: 39 Countries. Without FL,FIN Everything else .                                                      

I took a few days time out…

and Saturday then  with startling 32 countries.                                                                           Temporary USA base Augsburg, nice FIN CD and Emirates UAE                                                Week 38 Countries with MNE. It is neither in Geneva or in Monaco.

Monaco, Ville, Les Voitures et la Vie

 Monaco Storm                                                                                                                            Aston Martin Vanguish Zagato – 1 from 99                                                                                       Russian cruisers protect their harbor                                                                                                UK in MC only High Society License Plates                                                                                      Fiat Abarth                   Morgan                           Alfa C8                          AC Cobra                          _______________________________________________________________________________________________________ Gare Monaco-Monte Carlo.   Au-delà de la fenêtre TGV soleil se lève sur la Côte d’Azur          Le temps d’une cigarette á Marseille.                                                Au revoir.

Rallye Monte Carlo historique 2017

330 Cars from 7 Cities,  more than 5 hours Show and much interestings license plates       Portugal old Premiere                                       Norwegen old and older Premiere                         Greece antique Premiere                                               Czechia rallye                  and lots of interesting cars that wrote famous history of RMC                                                      I saw for the first time : D.B. (Made in France) and Moretti 850 S from Italy        Coming next:  Monaco-Monte Carlo ville, les voitures et la vie

Royaume des plaques d´immatriculation: Genéve et Monaco

Equal week records from summer 2016: 54 Countries                                                     Argentina RA  so far 2 , now suddenly 5                                                                                            The starting list were 2 Japans. The first came with F LP.  At the second attempt it was it!      Genéve Qatar Q         Saudia bus Premiere    Algier DZ                      Azerbajdian AZ                 Isle of:        Man GBM          Guernsey GBG                                                 Andorra AND      Isle of Jersey GBJ                                                Kosovo RKS                   CH                                   Drove without docu: in GE USA,in MC CDN and RSM                                                                       Coming next: Big report from Rallye Monte Carlo historique 2017


Clarksons popular Keira Knightley filmed in Prague

Hamburg 1945                                                                                            ???                     Surprising Isle of Jersey      U.S. New York                                             MD                           Week 38 Countries. Mit neuen MD,GR, IRL und schon gesehenen GE, P, RL. Nicht TR,FL,FIN

That was in 2016 IIII.

September to Dezember

     In ersten Septemberdrittel kamen Hitze wie im ganzem Jahr nicht. Fand Derby Sparta -Slavia statt. Kam ein brittish rallye und zum Monatsende hat sich Moldauseasson verabschiedet.       Alles ist so ruhig gelaufen bis kam letzte September Sonntag und mit ihm    Indonesia               Oktober mit Japan (2) und wunderbaren GBG mit zwei 00!                               Jetzt ist Welt die schönste. Besonders wenn es noch immer  läuft!
                                        Dann habe ich am Dezemberanfang mit bilanzieren begonnen-aber das war viel zu früh!    Uzbekistan                   Kyrgyzstan                    Gibraltar                                                               Bey,bey 2016. Rekordjahr mit 84 Countries.                                                                                 2012 (ab August)…53,   2013…71,    2014…79,    2015…78,    2016…84 .   Total …98 Countries.

That was in 2016 III.

From July to August

Mit Anfang Juli haben sich Prague Campplätze auch mit China Touristen gefülltt, Rallye Mongol ist durchgefahren und es began riesige Menschen Bewegung Richtung Papst-Krakau (PL).  Wahrscheinlich das hat auch Echt Hammer gebracht : Kolumbien Moto                               Mit  CO startete bisher nie erlebte Serie über 40 Tagen lange Zeit-Periode mit gutem Coup.      Korea Bus,ZA und dann Indien  und Kolumbien Nr.2 . Nie hat jemand im Prag CO gesehen und jetzt gleich doppelt.                                                                                                    

Unbelievable. Yet another great week.

Canada CDN                                                                                                                 Belgium  B Temp          and Person                   Italy Trade                   Turkey TR                 Czechia CZ/ USA           USA/CZ Old.                                                                                             Week 46 Countries. With Korea,San Marino, Kosovo,Albania, Montenegro, Liechtenstein,Monaco and  he had seen Liban,Emirates etc. Missing only FIN,IRL.

But now it’s over!                                                                                                     

Megastart the new year 2017

First China and Korea always came up in June. Now, at the beginning of January.                      On the Road from Seoul to Morocco:  Korea ROK                                                                                                                                          San Marino RSM           Kosovo RKS                  NL old                                                                        In terms of numbers dominated the street RUS Russia                                                               

Hotels and parkings reports: Occupied

     Tunis TN pass back                                               Algier DZ                                                                Spain E Consul Premiere                                  German corps in F ,Eurocorps ,Premiere      Kosovo RKS                   USA Maryland                                                           and Illinois                   Last Week with 1.1. 46 Countries. Nothing was missing. Only once MNE,EST. Thu. a. Sun 37        

International Christmas

with Gibraltar GBZ    PRG 2016 Nr.2                                                                                                                             This time came far more cars than ever before                                                                          CD from GR, BY, F OECD and NL CDJ                                                                                                       always rare AL                                                                                                            this year rare MC         in Winter rare   FIN                                                                                                                                Week total 40 Countries. Sat. 31, Sun .32. With GE,MNE,FL. Without EST,TR


That was in 2016 II.

From May to June                                                                                                                         

Auf PL Grenze gestoppt und Einreise in EU untersagt. Allerdings nächstes morgens im Frühnebel irgendwo im  Mittelgebirgen von Slowakei aufgetaucht. Und dann waren immer mehrere und nach Prag kam schon schön grosses Rudel. Ночные волки

3 Tage danach: Es kommt Gumball 2016. Ich weiss. Ein bischen Theater. Aber nett. Wie lange noch laesst EU Leute frei im verbrennungsmotoren Autos fahren? Wie lange lassen sich Leute noch dass alles gefallen?

  Und es kam Juni und langsam lauft die Saison auf hohe Touren                                                   Erste China (damals wusste ich nicht,dass kommen noch 33 weitere) ,erste Korea (danach noch 10 anderen) usw.


So what do you say? It is Kyrgyzstan? I think : YES

Auto bought VW Aвтобан Cевер Yekaterinburg, so I went in that direction and ended up in KGZ. There are pictures of Just missing that little number duration.  On the road return to D?  

19/12:     There have been no evidence against it.  So  Kyrgyzstan KGZ   Premiere                     115 th alltime, 98th  on the blog, 84 th 2016                                                               Canada CDN Army      2016 very rare Monaco         N CD                      RUS 70 Far East             On a visit to the richest Czech (Petr Kellner PPF Holding)                                                                  GE Temp                        Europa Council             CZ Veteran                                                            Week with 41 Countries. Also MNE,MC,IRL. No TR,FL,FIN. So far, the strongest December.


From Silk road to Prague: Uzbekistan

 Uzbekistan UZ  License Plate 

Premiere of all Premiers , 113th alltime, 97th on the blog, 83th 2016                                              Early Christmas Present from Palladium made in 01 Tashkhent City                                             Coolest Motorcycle of the World is from us CZ                                                                                    Very good Weekend , also:                                                                                                                Reunion REU  , Libya LAR do it yourself  and just rare MNE                                                               GE                                 USA Kentucky               CH CD                            GB/IRL                            Week   42 Countries   ,without IRL,FIN,FL,MC…                                                       


That was in 2016 I.

From January to April                                                                                                                          Januar: Aus Prag nach MC. Man merkt sofort -Sonne ,Sauberkeit, Sicherheit, See…  I mag es      Im Februar hat es nicht viel getan. Alles war im Vorbereitung zur naechste Reise im Maerz:   Rom mit keine leichte Hauptaufgabe- auspionieren S.M.O.M und Vatican logisch                      und es kam April. Auch im Prag bewegt sich schon was                                                                    trozdem nochmal nach Genf . Prima, aber Tendenz leicht sinkend                                                 

Picture of the half-glacial period

USA                                                                                                                                         dsc00313 dsc00315 dsc00300 dsc00312    Secret and highly guarded garage in the center of Prague. The premier’s visit.                      dsc00289 dsc00288 dsc00285 dsc00287    CZ person                                                                                                  LT some                           dsc00283 dsc00307 dsc00299 dsc00175    at this time makes pleasure …                                                                                                     dsc00308 dsc00282 dsc00292 dsc00296

Woche brachte zum Schluss 43 Laender. Danks vorallem Wocheanfangs in A/D (MNE,IRL.IR). Nicholas Day : USA Texas and visit Nicholas and devil little Japanese tourist not…  dsc00316 dsc00317 dsc00319 dsc00318

6/12: At this point it should be a few pictures of the Korean SUV.
But I was not allowed to sit in the bus.
It’s a new phenomenon. Last year in early December:

Iran Route (Teheran-Suben-London)

dsc00252 dsc00257 dsc00239 dsc00255  Iran IR New LP Premiere                                                                                                               dsc00247 dsc00249 dsc00208 dsc00212 dsc00240 dsc00246 dsc00241 dsc00216 Total 12 IR!                                                                                                                                       Georgie GE  (1)             Premiere AL Trailer      Premiere HR and SRB abnormal                        dsc00231 dsc00205 dsc00248 dsc00270 Very rare -only 1: MNE,L,GB                                                                                                    dsc00244 dsc00266 dsc00265 dsc00280 Cars:     siehe Komentar                                     rare IRL                         D overgrown Mofa dsc00237 dsc00236 dsc00275 dsc00274Week 40 thanks Sunday 36.

Among fallen leaves: also the catch.

Tunisia TN                                                                                                                                           dsc00138 dsc00135 dsc00137 dsc00139
and more                                                                                                                                             dsc00150 dsc00149 dsc00148 dsc00102   USA Ohio                      EST Tempor                        and Philippines so far only by air                  dsc00154 dsc00157                      dsc00151

Thursday’s center belonged to Southampton FC. SpartaFC 1: 0.                                                 dsc00159 dsc00174 dsc00173  dsc00172

Ron Howard making a film about Albert Einstein

CS Czechoslovakia 1932-1939                                                                                                         dsc00111 dsc00109 dsc00110 dsc00108???                                                                                                                                                        dsc00114 dsc00113 dsc00115 dsc00117   GB  and 1906-45                                                                                                                  dsc00105 dsc00116 dsc00118 dsc00119

Good Saturday- 34 states,the week 42.  With GE,TR,MC,FL,AL( 5!),BIH,P,IRL,SF ,USA and CDN without picture. Old VW bus yellow LP. Week Loser: Macedonia-0.                                                dsc00086 dsc00124 dsc00093 dsc00097

Begins the long wait for the new season

A picture from November PRG                                                                                                          dsc00017 dsc00065 dsc00016 dsc00036 dsc00046 dsc00028 dsc00030 dsc00043 These people are not waiting cars, but  Justin Bieber                                                              dsc00057 dsc00050 dsc00054 dsc00023   dsc00025 dsc00051 dsc00024 dsc00020Yet it still runs. Sunday 33 , Week 41 Countries.                                                                             dsc00066 dsc00068 dsc00067 dsc00075dsc00076 dsc00080 dsc00077 dsc00078

Maybe last expedition 2016

China 2016 PRG Nr. 35!                                                                                                                 dsc09987 dsc09984 dsc09986 dsc09978 San Marino RSM Jan-Sept. 0, after 5                                                        Bundeswehr                   dsc09982 dsc09983 dsc09992 dsc09993    This week still 45 Countries.

Libya LAR                                                            again in PRG Dubai                                              dsc00015 dsc00013 dsc00014 dsc00001


They began to ride Algiers

Algier DZ                                                                                                                                  dsc09914 dsc09915 dsc09945 dsc09944    Sheer beauty: Old Finland SF (until second) with Bedford Ajokki bus from 1966  (I. VW 2013)    dsc09911 dsc09907 dsc09909 DSC01845   rare SLO CD                  Porsche Carrera GT                                                                  dsc09895 dsc09919 dsc09918 dsc09948 Everything full as in ptop season. 36 states Friday, Saturday 37 . Week 46 with EST,TR,GR,BIH,AL,MC,P,IRL,USA etc.
Everywhere is full. Even campgrounds are full again.                                                                 dsc09936 dsc09949 dsc09939 dsc09930   Monday  with B Int.Organisation H CD , MD and EST all US style                                              dsc09966 dsc09958 dsc09959 dsc09965    Wednesday with Sun,Rain and Georgia  GE                                                                                  dsc09970 dsc09969 dsc09972 dsc09974

1 Car, 2 License Plates, South Korea

October 23: ROK Premiere in Latin alphabet                                                                                  dsc09875 dsc09878 dsc09874 dsc09877 October 22,evening, 3 Celsius : heros of long routes will stop at nothing. Eyes have seen, phone not South Korea ROK moto                                                                                               dsc09867 dsc09869  dsc09665 20161005-photo-05-10-2016-17-02-52 One visitor sent me a photo from Nurburgring. 2 days before this ROK traveler in PRG.           I believe it is CH, Kanton Wallis        SK CD                  rare Bulgaria BG temp import    dsc09853 dsc09870 dsc09866 dsc09865 This week brought a surprisingly high number of states 44.       Sunday 35 with EST,MD,GR,TR,AL ,IRL,ROK and MA from Spring.  For Oct. End very good.

Monday with San Marino, Croatia  CD with EU label premiere , TR and UA CD      dsc09881 dsc09882 dsc09893 dsc09891    Th. October 27 Siberia RUS : So no way, no Korean biker is not coming                                 wotexte_teaserslider_image_04_01239b88b1c7143a7920fb75c418d393 dsc09897 dsc09900 dsc09901    In Prague is still relatively warm. So that the two Bulgarians arrived on bikes.

They began to ride Japans

After 2 Weeks again    Japan J                                                                                                 dsc09683 dsc09838 dsc09836 dsc09837 ordinary world                                                                                                                                    dsc09843 dsc09832 dsc09786 dsc09803 dsc09850                    dsc09851                     dsc09852

It’s not over completely

Tunisia TN PRG 2016 only III.                               San Marino PRG 2016 only III.! Far less than China, far less than Korea …                                                                                 dsc09819 dsc09818 dsc09822 dsc09804  Georgie GE everywhere you look                                                             nice old Estonia EST    dsc09792 dsc09825 dsc09812 dsc09814  Croatia Export Premiere                  Ireland IRL (normal?)                                           dsc09830 dsc09820 dsc09829 dsc09824

Season ended. Welcome weekdays.

The best catch of the weekend. Sales since March 2017. Already here for a photo shoot. Škoda Kodiaq                                                                                                                          dsc09742 dsc09748 dsc09741 dsc09751 Libya LAR                                                            USA ,despite 3C Lady with Bike                         dsc09730 dsc09729 dsc09769 dsc09768 rare FIN temp              TR consulary                  black RUS                                                 dsc09732 dsc09766 dsc09738 dsc09744 Deserted Camps                                                                                                                              dsc09759 dsc09760 dsc09761 dsc09755 London Taxi                                                                                                                                    dsc09770 dsc09772 dsc09773 dsc09734  Porsche 356                                                        New Czech Supercar HN R 200                           dsc09774 dsc09775 dsc09778 dsc09781 IS Icelandic lady in a row in an ordinary car  Corsa I was so surprised that it turned out this way …                                                                    Peace 4all…                                               dsc09795 dsc09797  dsc09796 dsc09788

Asian hat-trick perfect: after Indonesia and Korea still Japan

On the last 50 meters of my circuit have a night of surprises                                               Japan J  Nr.4                                                                                                                                    dsc09683 dsc09679 dsc09682 dsc09678  This LP is from an auction. GBG began to add to the existing number 0 or 00 Guernsey GBG  dsc09692 dsc09690 dsc09688 dsc09697  EST old                                                                                                                                                 dsc09702 dsc09703 dsc09705 dsc09695With a hint of autumn and 50s ; very rare Moskwitch 410 , UA                                      dsc09706 dsc09707 dsc09708                                     Wednesday with Bryan Adams                                                                                                       dsc09710 dsc09715 dsc09722 dsc09725


Saint Wenceslas not on horseback arrived, but in Toyota RI

Sept.28 Saint Wenceslas Day                                                                                                          It looked like an ordinary day. 300 m bicycle to the main street. About Saudia Residence. By boat to the autocampJust a few campers in the last corner.                                dsc09631 dsc09633 dsc09635 dsc09639    At least nice CZ Person.          A glimpse into a side street completely changes the situation.    dsc09640 dsc09641 …                                         dsc09654                                                                                                                                                              INDONESIA RI                                                                                                                                 Premiere from all Premiers     112 alltime  96 on the blog   82 this year                                 dsc09642 dsc09651 dsc09652 dsc09650

 Before and after yet seen                                                                                                               Favorite Guernsey GBG             and also favorite  Russia RUS ,from Siberia to Munich             dsc09624 dsc09625 dsc09614 dsc09616 dsc09655 A pozdravuju kluky spottery na autosalon do Paříže. Dobré úlovky a pošlete nějaké fotky jak to v Paříži vypadá. Já je aktuálně zařadím.  

Honda Super Cub 1 from 50 000 000! One Month. Every Days. South Korea ROK  to PRG          dsc09665 dsc09666 dsc09667 dsc09671                                        Even Friday night. 200 m from the ROK Honda next Asia. Even rarer. On Monday here.

Top Gear of Indian Summer

After more than a kilometer sprint on a bicycle caught up. South Korea ROK                        dsc09577 dsc09578 dsc09582 dsc09586 Dubai UAE                                                          I Aosta Premiere                                               dsc09607 dsc09550 dsc09552 dsc09553   Next China wave.  Corporate trip VW China to Prague. It does not 1. But each other.                  dsc09587 dsc09588 dsc09589 dsc09590    Rare USA Pennsylvania and Georgia               Vyspotovaní spotteři  … ve volném čase  se       dsc09585 dsc09555 dsc09609 dsc09611   vozí v Mc Larenech                                                                                                                       The Best of Prague Carlsbad Classic                                                                                   dsc09558 dsc09569 dsc09565 dsc09572 Jaguar                           Citroen SM                     Volvo P1800                   Tatra 603                      Sunday -Derby Day   Sparta -Slavia 0:2                                                                                           dsc09601 dsc09599 dsc09597 dsc09604 Picture from Prague                                                                                      dsc09543 dsc09546 dsc09557 dsc09592

On Monday coming

How did chase a bicycle with a jeep night Prague ?  What was the rarest attended Prague Carsbad Classic?  And what turns out to be a camouflage  this license plate?  And ecommunist arrived also in Prague.                                                                                                                       dsc09577 dsc09567 dsc09556 dsc09542

Colombian year

After the July motorcycle still a car. Colombia CO car premiere                                        DSC09003 DSC09004 DSC09357 DSC09355 DSC09351 DSC09352 DSC09353 DSC09349  30th China in 2016                                             USA blog premiere Tennessee                             dsc09522 dsc09521 dsc09517 dsc09518   Only the second San Marino in PRG 2016. Offset Columbia.         Old interesting Spain           dsc09524 dsc09525 dsc09527 dsc09528    Three years is nothing. And now a few months third. Azerbaidjan AZ          CDN                       dsc09534 dsc09533  dsc09540 dsc09526   Sept.20 ,Korea ROK  again very strong. This year, even with the July car and August bus.          dsc09537 dsc09536 DSC08620 DSC09171

Heatwave can reliably kill all week

Only 3.KZ in this year!   And the first with  record.                                                                         dsc09505 dsc09507 dsc09483 dsc09504    Otherwise, a CDN and USA                                                                                                      dsc09503 dsc09508 dsc09512 dsc09502   NZ only from afar                                                                                                                            dsc09487 dsc09496 dsc09497 dsc09489

After two years we welcome in Prague Islands

Three years ago, 5 x IS. It did not seem normal. And he came to a pause. Now, again, super catch.                                                                                                                                                Ísland IS ,81th Countries 2016, 2 Stc, alltime moto Premiere, 2015,16 PRG Premiere       
DSC09424 DSC09420 DSC09435 DSC09436 Island 2013 and IS CD                                          Gruzia GE                      
DSC01693 DSC01770  DSC09432 DSC09430   DSC09416 DSC09415 DSC09446 DSC09431 US Army in D Sembach                                     Montenegro Person     Maserati Mc -12              DSC09445 DSC09443 DSC09414 DSC09438one in fifty of the world    …   and another rarity : lowest CD Austria and USA  Tempor     dsc09451 dsc09450 dsc09463 dsc09462License Plates of evening shadows                                                                                                 dsc09459 dsc09454 dsc09456 dsc09460 Slovenia SLO   Tempor Premiere                     Kosovo RKS                   and Tempor                    dsc09465 dsc09466 dsc09480 dsc09482    British Bohemian Rallye Finish PRG                                                                                            dsc09471 dsc09472 dsc09476 dsc09477

The fall was so sudden and perceptible

Night by the river     with Andorra                                                                                                   DSC09397 DSC09398 DSC09399 DSC09400Last catch of August: The departure caught  Saudia KSA PRG 2016 Premiere                       DSC09404 DSC09405 DSC09393 DSC09394On many good States in August was the best month history. Continuous series of 26 days with the catch is exceptional. Disappointment: again, no IS. The best from August:DSC09026 DSC09114 DSC09151 DSC09172

2014,15 last week of August, the number 1. As this Year?

Iran IR                                                                Georgie GE 2016 bus Premiere        DSC09312 DSC09309 DSC09310 DSC09234 Tue. Serving LP with San Marino RSM a few years ago underrated now PRG 2016 Premiere  DSC09318 DSC09322 DSC09343 DSC09324 The Italian team arrived after the Chinese after two days. Also, I very much want Donald Trump. Especially for  people in America, Russia and throughout the world.                            DSC09319 DSC09321 DSC09315 DSC09314 Hit of Wen.: Luxus Iran IR Bus PRG Premiere 2016 , 1 Vehicle-3 License Plates                         DSC09333 DSC09335 DSC09334 DSC09330 DSC09331 DSC09336 DSC09328 DSC09339 and two Consuls in 1 day  TR and I                                                                                               Marocco MA                                                       U.S. Army Export          Nice H                     DSC09360 DSC09359 DSC09377 DSC09348  USA Wahington and New York Bikers                                                                                           DSC09386 DSC09387 DSC09379 DSC09389  So Jannis,  habe auch die Aviano ausgesucht. Weiss Du, das Xavier Naidoo bei uns wohnt? Jetzt kontroliert ob haben ihm Auto nicht gekratzt. Und das ist geblieben von eher viel mehr besonderen Kennzeichen Tal Aosta, die ich einmal gesehen habe, leider im Gegenverkehr.
DSC04983 DSC09374 DSC09346 DSC09361
The answer to the question from the title. Huge catch came. But now I will not publish.
Please be patient for some time.

China’s next wave

Qatar Q 2016 PRG Premiere                                Nice old Luxembourg                   DSC09281 DSC09280 DSC09295 DSC09296 China Rallye 80 Days                                                                                                                      DSC09288 DSC09287 DSC09306 DSC09293 DSC09299 DSC09297 DSC09345 DSC09301 DSC09305 DSC09291 DSC09279 DSC09303 33. Woche brachte 51 Staaten, das sind 3 weniger als Vorwoche. Waehrend China hat d.J. schon ich rechne fast 40 Punkten MC,AND,RSM mangelware. MNE sowieso.

I greet all the long-distance motorcyclists. Are you guys!

Australia AUS ,Tue                                             AUS, Thu  Lady Premiere                                DSC09236 DSC09235 DSC09273 DSC09274 Albania AL alltime moto Premiere                  Libya LAR                     Morris 1100/1300        DSC09249 DSC09250 DSC09243 DSC09244 Isle of Guernsey GBG ,        Saab S Supercamp and Honda Super Cub , the world‚s best-selling moto 50 000 000                                                                                                     DSC09259 DSC09258 DSC09257 DSC09254 Tunisia TN Regime suspensif PRG premiere    rare U.S. Colorado                                                 DSC09260 DSC09261 DSC09268 DSC09262 France Wolves                                                      NL old                                                                    DSC09237 DSC09256 DSC09265 DSC09266


So what are the real heroes from AH6 Vladivostok-Moscow

11,000 km, day after day, week after week, every morning over the handlebarsKorea ROK ge490268 DSC09206 DSC09233 DSC09208 Isle of Man GBM                                                 Algier DZ                                                             DSC09210 DSC09209 DSC09217 DSC09216Россия RUS Black premiere and Sowiet Union  all in black                                                         DSC09223 DSC09224 DSC09230 DSC09229  Turkey TR but what???  Kosovo RKS                   Papa mobil                                          DSC09226 DSC09203 DSC09220 DSC09198 Woche 32. Am Freitag Ausgleich ein Jahr altes Tagesrekordes 43 Staaten am Tag.
Sonst fehlte nichts. Das brachte rekordverdaechtigte Wert 54 Countries. Das sind 3 mehr als Vorwoche und es wird kaum zu verbessern.



Girls on Tour: Korea Bus

South Korea ROK Best Bus alltime                                                                                                   DSC09172 DSC09170 DSC09171 DSC09168 Malta M rare catch- ugly EU license plate       Algier DZ CD                 China for today      DSC09179 DSC09180 DSC09160 DSC09161 Thursday quieter with IR,LAR and KZ without Foto. It is only 10C                                                  DSC09196 DSC09197 DSC09188 DSC09191 DSC09181 DSC09183 DSC09189 DSC09178

I-Day : India and Iran License Plates

08.09.: India IND 2016 Premiere, 80th Countries 2016, car Tata                                                 DSC09159 DSC09151 DSC09152 DSC09154long wait for Iran, but then double pack Iran IR 2016 Premiere, 79th Countries in 2016         DSC09139 DSC09141 DSC09140 DSC09143and the third  Asian great power in the PRG evening  China                         DSC09149 DSC09150 DSC09135 DSC09136


Good weekend culminated good (very) Week- 51 Countries

South Africa ZA  2016 Premiere, NorthWest Province Premiere   China                                    DSC09113 DSC09103 DSC09101 DSC09102  South Africa is 78 th States of 2016. Last year 78 for the whole year.                                       Maroc MA                                                      AND, finally! 3 Month is nothing,  AL 1 Month         DSC09091 DSC09092 DSC09093 DSC09107 Rare   CD  FIN                             GB                                                                                                DSC09112 DSC09089  DSC09087 DSC09088
Too bad ! In Japan have Bikes  no license plate . Good Luck!  I like J.                                           Die 31.Woche in Top Form. Kein Tag ohne Beute. Es fehlte nur an MNE. Sonst (fast) alles dabei. Das brachte 51 Laender, 6 mehr als Vorwoche und 1 mehr als 2016 Rekord Woche mit Genf.                                                                                                                                            
and continue in the new week                                                                                                       Morocco MA  Premiere Foreign and Zuid Africa once in daylight                                                DSC09131 DSC09132 DSC09128 DSC09114    LP 1963 is still in operation                                                                                                            DSC09117 DSC09130 DSC09133 DSC09148


Départment d´outre mer de Guyane francaise

With the wave of 2.5 million people in Pope Krakow  landed in Prague also                           French Guyana GUF   111th alltime, 95th on the blog, 77th 2016                                             800px-Flag_of_French_Guiana.svg DSC09057 DSC09056 DSC09059 Libya                                Ireland                           Lá la lálalalá lálalaláá  Hey Jude                       DSC09052 DSC09050 DSC09048 DSC09049 RUS                                  FIN                                   Praga Magica                                                   DSC09047 DSC09055 DSC09051 DSC09036 Holiday in PRG…                                                     vous voir bientôt                                               DSC09030 DSC09031 DSC09053 DSC09054  Faroe Islands likes PRG  (2016 4 a. 5)                 just as China                                         DSC09080 DSC09070 DSC09071 DSC09078 Libya LAR                                                            and totally unfulfilled expectations                  DSC09063 DSC09065 DSC09074 DSC09072