Motorcycles and more: Part III 2015


René spezielle Zugabe  September 2015                                                                                                 ad Komentar II –  wenn du nicht zum Burg abbiegst aber gehst du gerade …


Motorcycles and more: Part II 2014

aneb                                                                                                                                                 Holky a mašiny                                                                                                                             Holky a mašiny
záplaty na džíny
lahodnej žlutej mok
je ku předu krok…*






    I’m going to meet the next night…

*from the Song of Daniel Landa

It’s a miracle: License plates of Democratic Republic of the Congo once Zaire


République démocratique du Congo CGO 

All time Premiere as 116th total, 103th on the blog and 86th 2017


Photo 1- from net. On the street. I’m coming 24 hours later. Nowhere. Last option-garage. Thanks to the nice receptionist and the manager, I get down. My hand shakes me. Mission done!  Thank you all.

Other events of this good week   Canada CDN Army, USA Utah, FL                                      

after a long time again China, without a photo, like the USA, BIH CD appears so 1-2x a year      

The Žížalka-Pretty dimished of the Girl’s Name and other pictures at the beginning of November                                                                                                                                           

Unvergessliche Woche mit 46 Staaten. +2 Vorwoche,+1 Topaugustwoche. Am Do. 37!

Ladies and gentlemen, there is another premiere of all time

I am just returning from the underground yet full of emotions. A few minutes ago, one of the greatest discoveries was made.

Tip! Very high!

I received an echo on a standing mercedes with an amazing LP. It was about yesterday. She was not there anymore. So I went to the receptionist. She was kind and called the manager. After ten minutes of great uncertainty he came and led me to the secret and guarded garages.
So thankfully I thank the carspotters of Prague and, above all, Aleš for this catch.

On Monday !

              This is our 103th countries.

That’s Prague. Yesterday, Queen played here.
I went to the center tonight. And suddenly he heard:
We are the Champions, my friends…                                                                                                  

Motorbike overview

The best of 2017                                                       without 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                          1.MEX                            2. MAL                              RCH                              TH                             3.BRN                            4. J                                   JOR                                BR                                       5.CY                               6.TN                                RL                                  RA                                       7.KZ                               8.AND                            CO                                  IL                                    

All pictures are exclusively from Prague. It is a local specialty. I have never seen a rare motorbike anywhere.

And maybe it’s a good time for a small retrospective. So 1st part :                                               Motorcycles and more 2013                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              









No surprise was done

A couple of autumn images                                                                                                            

Woche mit 44 Ländern. (-1) Zum Wocheschluss riesige Anturm aus D. Gipfel ist noch nicht erreicht. Also jetzt sieht es hier ,René, genauso wie im L aus.


Here on the street, now the future prime minister.Andrej Babiš.                                            And our dear Japanese Tomio Okamura.

10 years Palladium- 5 years with us


The best is in underground.“Paládko“(as they spotters call it) have 6 underground floors.3P.  


French Guyane and Colombia appeared before the performance of Pope Franz in Krakow. An unforgettable CO Motorbike I saw once again direction the Highway to Poland. Weeks before marched huge groups of youth, especially from I,F, E, P and South America . There were 2 million people in Krakow. That was the reason for the great summer of 2016.                             foto: BBC

PRG: October better than August

as 86th Countries in this year visited us Brazilia BR                                                                        Premiere 2017                                                                                                              

F . On a return trip from Indochina before the coming of winter. The highest expectations were not met. Yet great brawl and sympathy. And great thanks to Russia, that there is such a thing- Transiberian Highway.                                                                                                         PL .Even small trips will please. Every day there are still 4-5 countries with Moto.                     

Satte 45 Länder waren zu sehen diese Woche. Zur Vorwoche +4. Das ist gleiche Ergebniss wie ganzes Jahr erwartete letzte August Woche. Kein Tag noch immer nicht unter 30, Do. 37!.

The Show go on !

next 2017 Premiere                                                                                                                            true World Expedition with Land Rover                                                                                     ON MONDAY 

Carsspotters says :  this is car from mad football player Mario Ballotelli                                                                                        Und ein Foto,von im D sprachigem Raum sehr bekanntem Sänger Xavier Naidoo , widmete uns  ein       Topcarspotter Aleš                                                                                                                                   

In fact, all records are overcome

so now I can just enjoy it                                                                                                                          

From our special correspondent from Yerevan (AM)

k vidění bylo hlavně RUS, v menším množství GE, IR osobní i bus, SYR, (z Evropy CZ, H, F, B dokonce LT). Jen jednou jsem v průběhu 10 dnů zaznamenal bus TR, kolega pak zahlédl jednou TM, což mě bohužel uteklo. Jak jsem očekával, vůbec nelze vidět AZ.
the sight was mainly RUS, in smaller quantities GE, IR personal and bus, SYR, (from Europe CZ, H, F, B even LT). Only once in the 10 days recorded the TR bus, my colleague then saw one TM, which unfortunately missed me. As I expected, AZ can not be seen at all.

                                        Hey Jovata, you have hier your Ajman!

 And I’ll add a tree to our house this morning

Perhaps the hurricanes waft: Puerto Rico

License Plates Puerto Rico PR as 115th alltime, 102th blogtime and 85th 2017.                   New Years-Record!                                                                                                                                 The PR has a license plate only at the back        

Attention! Alltime Premiere

Month of October-Spotters Paradise                                                                                          2013                                2014                                2016                           2017…                        

115th alltime, 102th blogtime and 85th 2017. New Years-Record!                                             

I did not come home until 22:00. Actually, I did not want to go anymore. But no sessions at tv-going!  And I shortened the route on the site. And that paid off!  23.13. there were bells on the cathedral.                                                                                                                                    Paris                              Hamburg                       PRG…                             Today                                   

PRG was already NZ, IND, MAL, RI, KGZ this year. So now coronation.  


So who believes in the commentary? René, where are you?      

 Picture of this days                                                                                                                                                                                       

The time has come ,when there is joy from every N or P


Belorussia BY old        one more biker- SRB      Abu Dhabi/CZ               and  CZ 100%                    

and once again from Austria A                                                                                                                                             

Voll in Abwärtstrend. 43 Länder. Es fehlte zwar von Normalstaaten fast nichts, sogar CY u. M waren dabei,aber in Kolonne Ubersee (oder NonEurope) nur ein Punkt .                                  43 ist schlestestes Ergebniss nach 20 Wochen.                                                                            Aber Brenner-Trip war nett. So ein kleines gemütliches Ausflug in die Schönheit  und Sauberkeit. Dort ist Welt noch im Ordnung. Wenn ich Werbeslogan von Globus CZ nehmen soll.

And still up to date. Milan Matoušek sent us from her trip to Yerevan.                                     

Alpine spotting: Passo del Brennero

The Way                                                                                                                                              CZ                                         A/D                          Innsbruck ,famous Europa Brücke               Base Camp    Steinach am Brenner alias Steinach under Brenner Highway                                    Breakfast spotting on the old B. Road

Brenner Yesterday  from Exhibition on the Top                                                                       Year 1920. It began to ride on asphalt.                                                                                          Brenner Today                                                                                                                                   The Catches                                                                                                                                     Malta Malta M 2x , Trailer premiere , Trucks RO and  BG                                                            Cyprus CY  Yellow S on the truck.  Why yellow?  And from back CY Oval.    USA A.F.I.    Air Force Italy
The Traffic                                                                                                                                          Cars as Autobahn Leipzig-Frankfurt, Trucks as Border RO/BG –                                                  but 37 Countries in 1 Day. No only SRB,BIH,MK.                                                                   Trucks neverending Snake : 1.RO, 2.LT 3.PL 4.BG 5.SLO 6.CZ. Also MNE,BY,GR,P.IRL.No TR. Much CZ Cars and Trucks. Also much RUS .                                                                              50% others Truck and Trailer. No expedition. Moto only D.


Farewell (?) with a motorcycle season: Japan

Japan J  alltime moto premiere and PRG 2017 premiere                                                                   South Korea ROK                                                                                                                             Andorra AND                USA                               AL                                                                 First amazement, then disappointment. Around the corner went Chinese: „Green energy.“          and…                                                                                                                                                 

Wochebilanz: 45. Ohne BIH, MC ,GE usw. 

This week a short visit to Austria. So also report from Brennero-Brenner’s most famous border crossing.                                                                                                                                                                          

On Monday

Alltime moto premiere                                                                                                                                                                                                 and the Asian language test. Where is it and what is written there?

On Monday !

Just the „lážo plážo“ in the cool evening: Kyrgyzstan

November 2016 license plates of Kyrgyzstan with a little question mark      foto Nr. 2:                                                                                                              just crystal clear Kyrgyzstan KGZ Premiere 2017 as 84th .  2016 also 84.                                      

They’re coming now real travelers: Australia AUS ,Western Australia                                          

And I’m not finished yet.                                                                                                                   San Marino RSM          Canada Ontario            USA rare Arizona                              and MNE Tempor         rare LV moto                  still  FIN moto                                                          

Traditional ride to Carlsbad with Lamborghini Espada                                                         

Ein einziges Punkt trennte uns von Marke 50. In diese Woche. Und das ohne FL und MC. Aber logo mit vielen schon gesehenen Platen (AM,AZ,KWT,RL…) . Egal,aber immer um 4 mehr als im August. Komisch. Ganz tolle Woche mit Herbst Athmosphere.

While the www was standing, a new state emerged. 84th 2017!

So first a few pictures a week.                                                                                                          Canada CDN                       AM is back                                                                                          Week of Tennis. Also Mc Enroe and Isner is here.    McE is paying for a“bad and unloving boy“. Getting his signature was for starspotters like Nepal for us. I have not seen them so enthusiastically.                                                                                                        and other attractions …                                                                                                         

So that’s the basic data and big, but we’ll leave the big fish on Monday. The record of 2016 is offset.                                                                                                                                             I apologize for the outage and thank you for the favour!

And on Monday MEGAFISH!!!

Sat. 23.9.: It was full here all summer. And nothing for plates spotting.
Until now, real adventurers appear.

  Even with a celebratory squadron!

Still more states than in the top week (21.-27.) of August

Kuwait KWT                                                                                                                                             Saudi KSA                                                                                                                                             Georgie GE                                                          USA                                                                            E Dealer                                                               F 975                                                                       and                                spezialle FL                                                                                                     

47 Countries stehen auf Wochebilanzliste. Einzige Schade. Gestern aus Tram gesehen auf 99% China moto aber unter grosse gelbe waren noch zwei kleinere LP. Rot und ? Meine Fantazie arbeitet selbstverständlich. Taiwan? Oder alte LP noch aus Mao Zeiten?               

Still about Malaysia

Reverse search found. At least 2 other media recorded this path.                                                                                                                      foto: and                                                                                            It is Malysia Nr. 3 ,1th April 2013           May 2017 Moto       Sept. 2017                                                              This small Hotel in Prague 5 stands for the Hotel of the 2017.                                      

A heartfelt greeting from Malaysia

Malaysia MAL  License Plates 50th’s                                                                                                      

This year very late. But still! Australia AUS moto                                                                                                                South Korea ROK                                                                                                                          For Koreans, Prague is the most famous city in the world. Not the best of the show business stars. Here the glory of Prague brought mega-successful TV series.                                                                                                                              Australia? No, Finland FIN Trade Premiere      TR                                 Kosovo RKS                        USA’s and Albanias ewerywhere you look                                                                                           Leipzig Pride                                                                                                                                       

Ganz,ganz nette Woche. 48 Countries.  Die meisten Fotos sind vom Sammstag-40 Länder. Immer kann ich nicht verstehen ,dass am Ende August habe ganze 4 Tagen nicht Handy aus der Tasche gezogen.                                                          

So, write what will be on Monday

And try a blurry motorbike too. That’s easier…                                                                

So that’s September scenes. The masses of cars have disappeared. But the atmosphere returned.                                                                                                                                            

47 Staaten ist schon drin. So jetzt vergessen misslungene Augustende und wilkommen in meinem beliebtesten Jahreszeit- Herbst.

Captured in the spider network

Saudia KSA                                                         Andorra AND                 San Marino RSM    Korea´s ROK                                                                                                                                      Mega rare Portugal CD  Rare Bulgaria Tempor  Liechtenstein FL Moto Premiere      USA           Fussball CZ-D 1:2                                                                                                                                  and more…                                                                                                                                                                               

Diese Woche brachte 48 Länder.   Sonst absolut untipischer August ist vorbei. Total NEP und Rest (fast) nichts. Abgesehen von NEP schlechtester August seit 4 Jahren.           



So this is Prague

You can go all night and definitely find something.

Mayotte ? No, only sticker. But the others…      2015                                2016                              Not is it on the Fehmarn and I thougt so far it is not even on the Aland Islands AX Premiere     

Best Bus Nr.2.-5.                                                                                                                              

In front of the best cafe „café-café“ . I went all time and did not want to accept UA . Everything told me: AM CD.  But it’s really Ukraine UA Tempor Premiere                                      South Korea ROK , moto as the  North.                                                                                               Algier DZ                                                             USA                                                                            and more  …                                                                                                                                         

So in 2 Tagen ist auf Konto 42 Länder. Jede Tag 37.                                                                                Es ist zwar Tagesrekord (44) geknact aber was ich erinne war dazu nur eimal 41 u. 40. Früher Menge 42 usw.  Rekord kommt regelmässig zur Juli/August Wende. Schwach war vor allem Jugoslawien. Jetzt läuft die letzte Welle (chen) und zwar P,GB,HR u. erneut RUS.


From Scandinavia everything just returns

and behind them only the autumn storm and the polar night                                                  

Against the stream Isle of Man GBM 2017 Nr.2         Premiere S dealer                                                                

Cyprus CY first white and then yellow.  Second with NL Trailer                                         and more…                   

Es sollte eigentlich Woche des Jahres sein. Aber war schlechteste seit mehr als 2 Monate. 45 Staaten. 

Right tomorrow: great return to Prague!  Mayotte? CD Armenia?

HH: The phenomenon of German cities. Empty, but the highway around full.

Pretty backdrops, but attractions, emotions, and atmosphere: 0. Just the bikers riding on the sidewalks as if they were going Tour and shouting on the pedestrians who got in the way. And the GB of negative emotions from Martin Schulz, the modern Lenin, who looks at you from every corner.


Pride 23 countries and a total of about 50 LPs together. This is the daily balance. The reason to quickly disappear. I also entered the garages of the best hotels. 20 cars, 19D, 1NL or GB.

Highligtt: Swiss Volvos from Göteborg  on the Fischmarkt                                                                

The reason to quickly disappear. He’s going to Fehmarn. That’s where I like it. There I am at home.
Report from the gate to Scandinavia tomorrow. With License Plates!

On Sunday even 4 hours HH. Fast for the bike. And let’s wonder, at the very conclusion of 2x China. Otherwise, RUS, BY, UA, TR, etc. 0.  21 Countries.                                                           Dirty, dug PRG this time I’m looking forward to this!                                                                       A pražským top carspotterům Alešovi,Martinovi,Kuldíkovi a všem ostatním…                               

Wochebilanz morgen mit Fehmarn.     

PRG: Game is over

Sorry, I can not submit any image.
So I’m packing into a town where Nepals are going. 

                                                                                                                                                                 A couple of years ago I went to Berlin for 2 days. And he brought 3 photos. 2x Berlin, 1x Trabi.  So please do not expect anything!

So let’s find out the reality.
Hamburg and License Plates.
See you again on Monday.

23.08. Evening :    Four days‘ fasting has ended                                                                   



Diet weekend. Almost up to anorexic.

Emirates UAE   Premiere Ras al Kheimat  from 7, 4th                                                                     Andorra AND  Caravan Premiere                      China CHN                            Nearly empty camps characterize the weakest August in the last 4 years. No expeditions, bikes world runners, nothing. Besides gray and  boredom.                                                 

Woche begann noch relativ freundlich,dann ging es aber bergrunter. Endstand 49. Jetzt erwartet uns neue Hitzewelle. Ich hoffe ohne mich.

OK. But where are they AUS,IR,GBG,GBZ,GBM and all this expedition?

South Korea ROK                                                                                                                                  Kazachstan KZ                                                    Algier DZ                                                                  Canada CDN                                                        Malta M                                                                   China CHN 3x                                                                                                                                      

    The decision time is coming slowly                                                                                                                 29.8.2014                                             26.8.2015                                           29.8.2016

Inzwischen 47 Staaten. Ich spürte bestimmte Flaute an Tops schon auf Fehmarn.  Viele Autos ,aber das was wirklich macht richtige Platesspotting ist Mangelware.                                                                                                     

Few exotics – lots of attractions

Emirates UAE  PRG Premiere Sharjah and Dubai moto                                                                         Maroc MA                                                           San Marino RSM                                                 USA Permanent           TR                    GR Tax reduced             MC             What is it?!                                                                                                                                                                                  Russia Siberia Omsk ,MK CD and..                                                                                                  

Die Woche zum Schluss 51 Länder. Am Wochende also nur 1 dazu. KZ ohne Fotos . Sonst massenweise Italia . Alles :Autos,Busse,Motos,Camps. Und wenn bleibt ein bischen Platz dann Spanien.

Prague fire

License Plate of the Week: about Turkey TR Or France?                                                                 Bahrain BRN export  -it is not identical to BRN a 2month ago                                                       South Korea ROK                                                                                                                                  Kuwait KWT                                                         Algier DZ temp                                                      Maroc MA                                                                                                                                             Canada CDN                                                        China CHN                                                        

Zwischenstand 50 Länder.

Nordic diary with License Plates of Nepal

And there are holidays here. To go on a vacation. Experience the atmosphere where everyone is going. Children,dogs,bicycles,caravans…                                                                     Rush hour                                                                                                                                          Quality comes,however,with dusk. Nothing for my mobile. IRQ (Kurdistan) with only arab font in white toyota and MA.                                                                                                                  I’am changing the plan tonight. Tomorrow I’ll be here before. And Ill have 3 hours in Hamburg.   Soon to be seen on the island!                                                                                   But a very unpleasant surprise is waiting for me. Hamburg Pride. Traffic stopped. Horrible music. I wander lessly around Binnenalster,sit down and wait to go…                                      When I return the train station. I see the undepass on the left. And behind it cars are running.

On the first red,the third. I do not recognize the License Plate at all. Then schock!                    Spot. Unfortunatelly. I have SMS.                                                                                                   Everything is moving.                                                                                                                        Seconds of terror,horror,deep shock. Destroy the SMS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!                                           Spot.                                                                                                                                                 And waiting what is in.                                                                                                                       Yeah,I got something there! YES!                                                                                                          Fragment copy from Foto Tim Raab (Nr.4) thanks Hadri45

After many hours of research and thanks raphael:   Nepal NEP  CD                                                                                                                                                        114th alltime,        101th blog ,                  83th 2017                                                                                            

Die Woche mit 48 Länder. Keins MD oder MK. Aber MEX und NEP.


After all : MEXICO

1 year and 1 day after Colombia, and 1 month after would-be Mexico                                          

as 100th Countries on the blog and 82th 2017                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Mexico MEX                                                                                                                                 

China CHN                                                                 Latvia LV tempor and CD                                  

I hate a hot city. I’m leaving for the North. I’ll see you in the PRG on Monday.


Week of records

55 Countries this week – 44 Thursday : alltime record                                                                    Kuwait KWT alltime moto Premiere           After a three-year pause: Island storm        I think 50% of vehicles registered at Faroe Islands FO have already arrived in Prague this year       China CHN                                                               San Marino RSM                                                 Norwegen N Provis individuel Premiere              Estonia EST Trade                                                    USA                                                                   Albania AL                                                                   and…                                                                                                                                                     

Also 55 Länder. Und das sogar ohne FL u. RKS.  Diese Woche nur Nachtsbeobachtung.                                                   

Everyday 40 Countries

Island IS                                                                    Algier DZ CD                                                       

Maroc MA                                                                 Algier DZ                                                              

San Marino RSM                                                       USA                                    Albania AL               

and other Pictures                                                                                                                                 

Bisher ruhige Woche, schon mit 49 Staaten. Jetzt wird spannend ,was zeigt Wocheende.

I need help. Please,write.


Korea ROK moto changes at the last moment the lane and Azerbajdan AZ is from sun as in the spotlight.                                                                                                                                                     Good heavens ,I will shoot nothing!                                                                                       

The only certainty-Garage.                                                                                                                  Malta M                          Faroe Islands FO            LV Person                      SK                            

I was a bit balanced. This brought me back into the game. The instinct led me where I never go. And in the last second I’m calling: „Stop! Photo!“  China CHN                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Die Woche hat uns zum Schluss mit Sonntagsspurt 53 Länder gebracht. Das ist BestPRGergebniss 2017. Tageshoch Sa. 42. Rekord ist 43 von 2015 u. Ausgleich 2016.

Vorhersage: ich würde diesmal optimistisch tippen. Voriges Jahres kam in dieser Zeit 4 tägigen Ausfall. Und dann ein unvergessliches Ereigniss                                                               30.Juli 2016                        

So which of the Faroe Islands was not here yet?

Alltime Moto Premiere Tunesia TN                                                                                               

Formerly a normal, then a great rarity, now …Kazachstan KZ                                                    

I always like to see Faroe Islands FO                                                                                            

Libya LAR Exceptionally quite regular, Premiere Prov Test Slovenia SLO                                 

San Marino RSM         and II.                               Algier DZ tempor yellow with red                        

The Mongol Rally followed us all week                                                                                        

And the biggest Korean showbiz stars met in Prague                                                                 



A week of crazy license plates

Los Angeles? Liberia? Laos?                                                                                                             So what? I have 99% clear.

20 minuts later: Confirmed Libya LAR Travel outside

CDN Quebec                 AND MT Tempor                                                        Kosovo RKS                 

ChinaCHN                                                                                               I                                     

Maybe first Media Presentation: Premiere New Hungary H CD License plate                          

Die Woche brachte 51 Länder. Typisches Ferienanfang. Viele Autos,wenig drin. Einzige Regelmässigkeit ist,dass alles beste kommt in der letzte August Woche. Sonst gilt gar nicht. Z.B.3 Tage nichts,dann auf ein Paar hundert Meter donnert gleich 3mal.


A story of great disappointment

   From the tram was seen. Running. A question about the License Plate . Uncompromising:Mexico. After further investigation, everything is clear. Texas person.              I’m going back to the street in the background. There was a motorcycle with a very suspicious LP. Running II. This time almost 200 m. Well, at least that way. Korea ROK              Maroc MA                                                           USA                                Not in Italy- PRG            Canada   CDN                                                                                            TR                                     

Ich denke, näher auf MEX ,das steht immer auf die Erwartungsliste ganz hoch,werde ich wohl kaum. Aber sonst jetzt ist schon alles m’oglich…

In Prague stopped Rallye Paris-Pékin 2017

July 11/12, Midnigt,  with Courtesy of Grandior Hotel                                                                        One day later                                                                                                                                   

From Midnigtsun to midnigt garage

On the way home                                                                                                                              1939 – Porsche Geheimwaffe für Rennen Berlin-Rom : Berlin-Rom-Wagen 

Number of serial pieces: 0. This is the  Unique and uniquee piece on the globe!                           I love those midnight garage visits. The Temples of Silence. Shaded by the bustle on the surface. Alone among the treasures.                                                                                             Canada CDN                                                        USA   PRG 1971                       PRG 2017            China Shanghai                                                                                         first GE bus 2017              Diplomatic holidays and lots of other attractions  S,RO,GB,RUS                                                                   Number 2 is not GB (CZ) and 3 und 4  YES.                                                                                                                                                                   Diese Woche hat zum Schluss 50 Countries aufs Konto. Drittbestes Ergebniss 2017. Tagesdurchnitt bewegt sich so um 35. In reinem Stückzahl nehmen S und DK langsam oberhand. TR Busswelle ist auch da. Dagegen wenig Expeditionen und Moto-Welt-Bummler.

He got a ferry from the Atlantic

Island IS                                                             Kazachstan KZ                                                      

Faroe Islands FO ewerywhere you look  as Nr.81 2017                                                                    

China Pride                                                                                                                                       

Woche zwischenstand 45 Länder. Für Rest der Woche kein gutes Wetter vorhergesagt. Also ich bin eher skeptisch.

And a few more pictures                                                                                                                 

Bad news: do not go Chinas. Good: it’s going Indonesia.

Tram 22 was delayed. Result:

Indonesia RI                                                                                                                               2017 Premiere,  blog Nr. 2  ,80th Countries 2017                                                                              RUS: so many nice people. From Kaliningrad to Vladivostok. 125 Vladivostok, Primorskoj kraj       Расскажите нам, как долго вы ехали,, что  автомобил и так далее. Счастливый путь!     USAs                                                                                                                                                   Georgia GE                                                          MC                                    TR CD                                  E antiq                                                 from Baltic Rallye back                                                             and Guns N‘ Roses in PRG                                                                                                                       Jannys:    No Gronland ,only Gotland

Die Woche mit 45 Länder. Am Abend versuche noch RI finden. Die ist ganz frisch.